Star of the Week

Wow what a great week full of brilliant stars! It was hard for the team to choose this week as so many have been trying really hard with their home learning. Well done everyone for your amazing effort and enthusiasm towards learning this week!

Nursery’s Star of the week is Ethan!

A message from Amy: My star of the week is Ethan for working so hard at home with hand writing and maths. Well done I am very proud of you!

Class One’s star of the week is Talia! 

A message from Mrs Tortoriello: My star of the week this week is for Talia.

Well done Talia for some super work, Talia is always so enthusiastic to tell me about all the fantastic things she has been doing at home. Talia has been busy this week getting crafty and been doing some super reading.
Well done what a super star ⭐
Class Two’s Star of the week is Luke!

A message from Mrs Waters: My star of the week is Luke.  Every week Luke has a fantastic attitude towards his learning and always does everything that is asked.  This week when I spoke to Luke I was very surprised when he spoke French.  I have enjoyed hearing about Luke’s learning and extra activities including his den building with Feddy.  Bravo Luke, continuez votre  bon travail en francais

Class 3’s Star of the Week is Beau !
A message from Mrs Green: My star of the week is Beau. For great perseverance and motivation for homeschooling. Well done Beau for setting goals and completing them. Keep up the hard work!

Stars of the Week!

Well done to everyone trying really hard at home this week with your home learning. You are all doing a great job!

The star of the week for Nursery is Poe! 

A message from Amy: I think Nursery star for this week should be Poe as she is really trying hard and is to be continually working hard. Well done Poe!

The star of the week for Class One is Ella!

A message from Mrs Tortoriello: My star of the week this week is Ella Jones ⭐ from reception. Shes been doing some fantastic work at home. Well done Ella!

The stars of the week for Class Two are Meredith and Holly!

A message from Mrs Waters: I am sorry but I am going to have to have 2 stars of the week as I cannot separate them. Class 2 have really impressed me with how well they are all getting on working at home and choosing a star of the week was a challenge. This week I have chosen 2 stars for the same reason, they are Holly and Meredith.  They have really impressed me with their enthusiasm to their school work and other activities they are doing.  They are always happy and cheerful, read me some of their work and talk about lots of other activities they have been doing. Well done girls!

The star of the week for Class Three is Luke!

Message from Mrs Green:  for being an absolute super star completing all of his work all the time and for always having a smile on his face. I am genuinely impressed with all of his hard work and commitment to his school work. Well done Luke!

Class Two’s Home Learning 22nd June

Hello Class Two,

I hope you are all well.

Here is your home learning for the week.


Year 2


Lesson 1 – Describing movement

Lesson 2 – Describing turns

Lesson 3 – Describing movement and turns

Y2 Week 9 Alternative Plan

Year 3 – Week 9


Lesson 1 – Right angles in shapes

Lesson 2 – Compare angles

Lesson 3 – Horizontal and vertical

Lesson 4 – Parallel and perpendicular

Year 4 – Week 9


Lesson 1

Lesson 2 – Ordering money

Lesson 3 – Estimating money

Lesson 4 – Four operations


BBC Bitesize Home Learning Website

Prefixes and Suffixes



Dictionary and Thesaurus

Creative Writing

Create Writing morning tasks

As the file is too big, I have included photos of some of the slides. I have also attached the link for you to see if you have a Twinkl account. Create Writing Powerpoint Link 


Playground Science 

This week in science, you are going to be creating miniature play parks for your toys. Zoom your toys down a zipwire, swoosh them in a miniature swing, build an assault course for your forest school task and balance them on a pivoting seesaw. You are also going to get active with a plastic bag skipping rope!

Science tasks

Forest School 



PSHE with Mrs Green

We are at home right now


For Art this week, I would like you to have a look into the artist Banksy. The powerpoints below show examples of Banksy’s art. Banksy is a graffiti artist but no one really knows who he is. His art resembles powerful images and messages. Have a look at the powerpoints or do your own research on Banksy’s art. In the powerpoint there are examples of his work along with some examples of how to create your own. I would also like you to research Banky’s most recent piece.

New Banksy artwork appears at Southampton hospital - BBC News


Banksy Twinkl Link (File too big to upload to Website)


KS1 RE Today and NATRE home learning Good Samaritan

KS2 RE Today and NATRE home learning Good Samaritan


Lion sleeps rhythm

Exploring Rhythms Lesson 3 Overview

History with Mrs Waters

Hello Class 2, I hope you are all well.

I am very excited about this week’s history lesson as it is one of my favourite stories.

We are going to be looking at the story of Grace Darling.

Grace Darling Link

For this week’s lesson, I would like you to watch the clip on Grace Darling and answer the questions below and send them to Miss Preece via email

Please keep your answers safe you will need them for next week’s lesson.

Thank you

Mrs Waters


  1. What year was Grace Darling born?
  2. Where did Grace Darling live?
  3. What was Grace Darling’s fathers’ job?
  4. Why are lighthouses built tall and round?
  5. How many rooms are there on each floor of the lighthouse?
  6. What time was it when Grace noticed the ship?
  7. Who rowed the boat to rescue people?
  8. How many people did they save?
  9. What had Grace’s mother made when they returned from the rescue?
  10. After the rescue Grace was sent lots of gifts but what is her most treasured gift and why?
  11. Grace Darling said she wasn’t scared; how would you feel if this was you? Would you go in a small rowing boat in a massive storm out to sea to rescue people? Please explain your answer in depth explain your feelings would you be scared or maybe excited, what was it like rowing the boat, was it easy or was it hard your arms might of ached and how did you feel when you had rescued the people happy, proud, tired.

PE with Mrs Waters

Home Olympics

Have a lovely week,

All the best,

Miss Preece

Class One’s Home Learning 22nd June

Hello Class One,

I hope you are all well.

Here is your home learning for this week.



Early Years 

Year One


Lesson 1 One more one less 2019

Lesson 2 Compare objects within 50

Lesson 3 Compare numbers within 50 2019

Lesson 4 Order numbers within 50 2019

Extra Maths Activities


If you have a The Grullalo, ask a family memember to read it to you. I have included a video for you to watch, which has someone reading the story just in case you do not have the story. Once you have read the story have a go at the tasks below.

  1. The Gruffalo story sequencing
  2. Using the description in the text, can you create a realistic picture of the Gruffalo? You could make it life-sized! or really tiny.
  3. The Gruffalo Website full of ideas and activities
  4. Gruffalo booklet – In this booklet there are a range of activities for different ages and abilities. Scroll through and pick the ones you might like to have a go at.

Extra English Activities

Phonics games



Science with Mrs Tortoriello

Hello Class one, hope you have all had a lovely week. It has been lovely to speak to you and here about all the exciting things and great work you have been doing.
I loved the weather reports some of you sent in they were fantastic 🌞🌧🌈☔
This week I have given you a story ‘ back to earth with a bump’ to have a look at about a little boy called Hal who has a mission in space. I hope you enjoy it, see if you can spot the rhyming words.
When you have read the story I would like you to to have a go at colouring in and cutting out the planets. I have also added a challenge activity to see if you can order the planets correctly.

Forest School 



Art with Mrs Tortoriello
For your Art activity this week I would like you to have a go at designing your own planet. I have added an ideas sheet to get you started, you could draw and colour a planet, paint a planet. You could make a planet with playdough or clay, you could even use some of the ideas you used for your land art last week using natural materials to create something.
Get your imagination going 😃
I will look forward to seeing your amazing planet creations.
Have a lovely week.

PSHE with Mrs Green

We are at home right now


RE Today and NATRE home learning Good Samaritan


Lion sleeps rhythm

Year 1 ÔÇô Exploring Rhythms Lesson 3 Overview


PE with Mrs Waters

Home Olympics

Have a great week,

Miss Preece