Class One’s Home Learning Activities

Hello Class One!

Miss Preece here! This week I will be setting you some learning tasks to do.

Feel free to dip into whatever suits your child best.

Maths Activities

  • White rose – week 6

Early Years

Year 1 

Year 1 resources

Lesson 1 – Measure mass 2019

Lesson 2 – Compare mass 2019

Lesson 3 – Introduce capacity and volume 2019

Lesson 4 – Measure capacity 2019

  • True or False Number sentences

Find two tubs and label true and false. Then get someone to write some correct and some incorrect number sentences for you to sort. Try again, this time making the number sentences a little more tricky if needed.

  • Adding and Subtracting Duplo

Set up a Lego Duplo Number line like this. This resource can be used to help you understand adding and subtracting by moving up or down/ getting bigger or smaller. Move your Lego or Duplo character to solve some addition and subtraction problems. You could use the number sentences from the True or False Number Sentences game.

If you don’t have any Lego or Duplo, try making a number line out of stones, string, chalk or anything else you think light work.

English Activities

  • Roll it read it game – Pick a mat, practise the sound, roll the dice. If you read it correctly, cover it up with your colour.

  • Lolly pop Dominoes

Save your lolly pop sticks and have a go at creating a lolly pop domino set. Choose the words suitable to your child. You can use the mats from Roll it and Read it for some ideas of words to use. If you don’t have lolly pop sticks, why not try pieces of paper or card or any other resource you have.

  • Months of the year

  • Create the words

Get creative with your word making, find some stones or rocks and write each sound that you are familiar with on each one. Then see how many words you can create using your new resource.

  • Spellings

  • Alphabet Category game

This is a game I do sometimes to get to sleep.. It can be quite fun to do on a walk or even in the car on the way to somewhere. First, think of a category (could be animals, plants, trees, food, places). Decide who is going first. The first person starts of thinking of a word beginning with the letter a, linking to your category. The next person thinks of a word beginning with b, then c then d and so on. It can get quite tricky when it gets to X and Z, be creative with your answer (maybe make up your own food or animal if you really can’t think of anything).

Phonics – Your phonics for the half term has been set by Mrs Lampitt. If you scroll down and click on the links and activities she has set.

Science/ Forest School Activities

Amazing Grazing!

This week you are going to be learning all about grass. You might think of grass as just lawns, but grass is so much more! From feeding the world’s people and animals to building structures to becoming grass skirts in the Pacific islands. Grass is everywhere so it is important to learn more about it. This week you will learn more about the purposes of grass, learn how to grow it and create some grass art.

Art – Grass Bashing

How to Grow Grass Pet

Click here 

The Purposes of Grass

Have someone at home read this 10 Things made from grasses text.

Have a look at the pictures and think does anything surprise you?

So when you are out and about have a look for the different types of grasses!

Story Time with Miss Preece

On Monday, I will be uploading a video of myself reading a story for you to watch and enjoy. You may even get a sneaky peak of my tortoise Angus and my two cats Morris and Nala.

Viral_Teaching – Click here to go to the channel and find the most recent story

Have a lovely week of learning and exploring Class One!

All the best,

Miss Preece