Aims & Ethos

Our Vision

St George’s is a happy, creative school that is caring, nurturing, challenging and creative in equal measure; our pupils are excited by their learning and are each recognised as individuals, knowing their own uniqueness and respecting the uniqueness of others.

St George's School Montage

We are committed to giving every single child the opportunity to make the right choices, to do their best and to realise their maximum potential; we promote excellence and push the boundaries of achievement by working together, learning from each other with warmth, humour and kindness; our pupils become confident, motivated and positive ‘can do’ children, fully prepared to take full advantage of the next stage in their learning journey.

Our mission is therefore to provide a caring, stable environment and academic excellence, bound by our strong Christian values and supported by our community, while preparing our pupils for their life long learning journey. We believe that Education for Sustainable Development is core to this mission.

Long Journey

Key beliefs which underpin our Vision

The following beliefs emphasise what we, the governors, staff, and parents, want our school to be known for and what is special to St. George’s.

‘Safe and Caring Learning Community’

We believe it is vitally important that our children and parents feel their school is a safe, caring, learning community with a strong family atmosphere. This is important if our children are to take the risks necessary for learning. To do this we, as a whole school, and in each classroom, work towards providing a warm, secure environment with established routines and clear boundaries.

To develop such a stable community requires us all to have explicit shared values and behaviours that include respect, tolerance and fairness towards each other (particularly those who are different), towards property and towards the natural environment.

We feel it is very important that we help our children to appreciate a sense of obligation and responsibility of living in a community; for their family, their class, their school, the church and the extended community beyond. We develop pupil self-esteem through teaching them to learn the value of working together, sharing ideas and being valued for their input and contribution.

To achieve such a positive community, we continue to build a real partnership between home, school and the local community with this relationship being developed on values of mutual trust and respect. We also ensure that our teaching team is given all the support it needs.

We are keen to ensure our children have an appreciation of the wider world we live in and a respect for all cultures, races and religions through their work in school, a broad range of educational visits, and by inviting visitors into school to share their experiences, talents and skills.
We all work towards helping our pupils to be proud of their school and community and to take pride not only in their own achievements but also in the achievements of others.

‘Strong Christian values’
Recognising our historic foundation, we preserve and develop the school’s religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

We serve our community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice and encourage an understanding of the significance of faith and moral values.

‘Quality Teaching & Learning – Everyone Excels’

We believe it is very important that our children learn that it is their own responsibility to do their personal best in whatever they undertake and we encourage our teaching team to develop this sense of quality in all they do.

To achieve this, our teachers, on a continual basis, set realistic but challenging goals, plan and assess work using consistent criteria, and strive to develop such habits as self-discipline, the valuing of effort and the need to persevere. The children are very much involved in their own development through pupils’ planning and self –assessment, supported by the teachers. Success and achievement is encouraged and celebrated throughout the school and with parents.

We ensure our teaching provides a balanced curriculum prompting academic excellence in a full range of learning areas, including the need to be confident with all aspects of ICT. The children have to be confident in the traditional foundation skills of numeracy and literacy, whilst still valuing and encouraging their creative and physical skills.
We offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities, providing additional opportunities to experience and develop their skills, talents and interests.

‘Life-long learners’

We believe it is important for our pupils to develop the attributes to thrive in what is, and will continue to be, a constantly changing world. Our teaching team helps the children establish sound traditional work habits, whilst helping to grow their emotional well-being and social skills. Through encouraging their teamwork and problem solving skills, it is hoped our children will develop a necessary ‘risk taking’ and ‘have a go’ attitude.

By working in partnership towards our vision, valuing the contribution of the children, staff, parents, governors, and the wider community, we can develop future citizens of whom, we can be really proud.