Forest School

Originally a Scandinavian idea, Forest School is based on the principle that all children can benefit from the learning opportunities inherent in the forest or woodland setting. We have been regularly visiting private woodland for 8 years. Our children will have 70 sessions of Forest School throughout their Foundation Stage and we have 3 fully trained Forest School Leaders on our staff. Research has proven that children who regularly attend Forest School have significantly raised attainment in PHSE, CLL and K&U.

‘The centre of Forest School philosophy is that learning occurs powerfully, through the intrinsic interest of the child, according to their preferred learning style. This is evident in high motivation and involvement, active participation, measured risk and positive attitudes to learning. It is led by practitioners qualified in Forest School practice and extended shared thinking continues back in the classroom.’ (Pathways to Excellence for Children Rosanne Pugh Nancy Stewart Shropshire County Council 2006)