Stars of the Week!

Well done to everyone trying really hard at home this week with your home learning. You are all doing a great job!

The star of the week for Nursery is Poe! 

A message from Amy: I think Nursery star for this week should be Poe as she is really trying hard and is to be continually working hard. Well done Poe!

The star of the week for Class One is Ella!

A message from Mrs Tortoriello: My star of the week this week is Ella Jones ⭐ from reception. Shes been doing some fantastic work at home. Well done Ella!

The stars of the week for Class Two are Meredith and Holly!

A message from Mrs Waters: I am sorry but I am going to have to have 2 stars of the week as I cannot separate them. Class 2 have really impressed me with how well they are all getting on working at home and choosing a star of the week was a challenge. This week I have chosen 2 stars for the same reason, they are Holly and Meredith.  They have really impressed me with their enthusiasm to their school work and other activities they are doing.  They are always happy and cheerful, read me some of their work and talk about lots of other activities they have been doing. Well done girls!

The star of the week for Class Three is Luke!

Message from Mrs Green:  for being an absolute super star completing all of his work all the time and for always having a smile on his face. I am genuinely impressed with all of his hard work and commitment to his school work. Well done Luke!