Cadbury World Blog written by Class 4

We have all been looking forward to this trip for ever and finally it came!

On Thursday the 23rd May class 4 set off at 7:30 to go to Cadbury’s world in Birmingham. We were occupied by playing car games and having a chat until the bus was buzzing with excitement as we passed the Cadburys world sign. We arrived at 9:30 after a long drive. We were 10 minutes early and all the doors were locked and we got  worried that we had got  the  wrong day(we hadn’t of course)we were let in and went through to an awesomely educational workshop about the Maya civilization that lasted an hour.

Our Maya Workshop:

We learnt interesting facts about the ancient Maya and how they believed in 160 different Gods and that the corn god created them, meaning that if their head was in the shape of a corn, it was a symbol of beauty. A few years ago, archaeologists discovered a whole cave full of Maya pottery but the Mayas who once lived there had put giant boulders in the way. People are now starting to believe that the Maya were the first people to play a ball game called pock ta tok, a game where you had to shoot the ball through a tiny hoop without letting the ball touch your hands or feet and the loosing team were sacrificed to the Gods.

After that we were given a box of chocolates and headed into the experience rooms, there was a jungle and we learnt about how the Spanish took chocolate back to England. After that we learned about chocolate in a cinema room and we learnt all about John Cadbury and how he created the factory. The seats moved to make us in to a coco bean adventure. We then had some melted chocolate with two toppings from the choice of white chocolate buttons, normal chocolate buttons, jelly babies, and crushed up Oreos.

Next we experienced a ride which we were in groups of 5 or 6. We then had to shoot milk and chocolate bars, at the end we had our own score and we saw who won. Afterwards we entered a 3D cinema where we watched a video and had to wear these special glasses.

It was a great day!

Class 4’s pneumatics project

Today class 4 were introduced to their new DT/Primary Engineering project that has been set by Bishops Castle Community College. The challenge is to design, develop and build a machine which features pneumatic based moving parts. The machine must be designed to help the construction industry in some way. To start our projects, we all had a go at creating our own pneumatic systems, using syringes and tubing. The children looked at the differences between the two different sized syringes and we discussed how these pneumatic systems can be used in their own projects. The teams have started to think about their ideas and the planning process has begun. I cannot wait to see what class 4 come up with after hearing their fantastic ideas!