Singing Lessons for Class 3

Class 3 will be singing at the Hereford Cathedral as part of the DHMAT’s Christmas carol concert they will be singing with children from other schools in the DHMAT to create a choir of 400 children!

On Thursday they had a singing lessons with David, they will have their second lesson next week to help them prepare.

Pirate Tom

Class 2 has been filled with life size pirates!

Inspired by the book Pirate Tom, which the class have been using in Talk for Writing English lessons, the children have worked in groups to create their own life size pirates. Each with their own pirate feature: peg leg, hook hand, eye patch or parrot!

Class 4 Remembrance service

On Tuesday Class 4 led a Remembrance Service in church.

The service opened with words from Frank Nicholls, followed by members of class 4 reading their own remembrance poems.

They then presented their poppy art work with will be displayed in church. The members of Clun parish who had died in conflict were read out. The children sang the hymn Colours of Day.


Black History

Across school children have been researching famous Black figures from history. There has a been a wealth of knowledge shared across classes with wonderful projects coming into school.   Here is a selection from Class 2 & 4.