The Explorer Dome

On Tuesday visited school. Each class took part in an exciting workshop. Class 1 & 2 had environment workshops, Class 3 had a sound workshop and Class 4 had the Earth & Beyond planetarium. Thank you to our PTA for funding theses and other experiences for the children.

Cadbury World

Class 4 had a great visit to Cadbury World on Thursday. Starting with a Mayan workshop they continued building their knowledge of the Mayan Civilisation. After a quick break on the coolest adventure playground, we began our tour of Cadbury world, learning about the history of Cadbury and of course sampling chocolate on the way round.

Microbit coding

Today Class 3 had a computer afternoon with STEM teacher Paul Gerrie, who taught the children how to use computer coding to ode a Microbit! They programme d the Microbit to light up in a pattern of designs.

Next half term Class 4 will be having a similar session too.


A team of children represented our area in the School Games Indoor Cricket Final this week. They played really well playing 4 back to back games.

Primary Science Quality Mark Success

A huge congratulations and thank you to Mrs Jefferis for leading the school to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark accreditation for St George’s. The accreditation is the final part in a two-year project. Comments from the assessors included: ‘It is evident that the science is led by an enthusiastic dynamic professional who is keen to move science forward. Science is real, relevant and has the potential to excite children’s longing to be immersed in science.’
PSQM is a comprehensive evidence-based professional development programme that effectively develops science leadership, ensuring teachers have the knowledge, capability and support they need to transform science education and shape future generations.

Music Concert

Today we had the pleasure of singer and musician Iryna Muha and accordionist Volodimir at school for a concert. Iryna introduced the children to two instruments, the kalyuka and the hurgdy-gurdy. The kalyuka is a Ukrainian overtone flute lacking playing holes. Traditionally, kalyukas were made from hollow plant stems. The hurdy-gurdy, is a string instrument that produces sound by a wheel rubbing against its strings. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin.

Voldomir introduced the school to the electric accordion, we were surprised by the array of sounds that he made. The children particularly enjoyed him playing the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean. Iryna & Volodimir played a number of pieces some of which the children joined in with hand percussion and also learning a chorus in Ukrainian.

Thank you again to Sid & Ruth of Surge music who have brought musicians to Clun & the school.