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Year 6 Homework

Well done, Year 6 – it’s been a long week of SATs preparation and you’ve worked really hard.

Homework: please do the practice exercises in using hyphens on pages 6 and 7 in your Spelling workbook. Ask someone at home to help you if you are feeling unsure about some of the questions. Bring the finished work in on Monday (18th) – don’t forget, you will need the workbook in school.

I have re-allocated the percentage maths games to your Abacus webpage so hopefully they will be working now. Have a go over the next week or so to practise finding percentages of numbers.

Please don’t stress: have a lovely weekend (and remember, there are still plenty of goodies in our secret stash . . !).


Mrs F

Class 4 homework 11th March

A quick reminder that any remaining independent topic work should be in school by next Friday (18th).

For this week’s homework, think about how to make strong bridges using only paper, paper clips and sticky tape ready for our big DT challenge day next Friday. How can you improve the ideas you tried out in class today? Can you do any research to help with ideas for your team challenge?

Homework 26.2.16

Mrs Miller is talking about bringing the X-Factor back . . . so please have an extra big push on learning your tables this week. Even if you know up to 12 x 12, it’s worth doing some speed practice (remember: there are creme eggs at stake here!). 🙂

Homework 5th February

Finish your river journey / river features work (or, if you have finished, do the river words wordsearch). Bring your topic book back for Tuesday 9th, please.

Don’t forget your water survey, you will need it for Discovery Maths on Thursday.

Homework 29.1.16

1. Handwriting: please copy out the text, then practise any tricky joins or letters. To be handed in on Monday 1st February.

2. Water survey: ask the adults at home to help you fill in the water survey sheet over the next week (use the back of the sheet if you need more room). Please bring it back to school on Monday 8th February.

Homework 14.1.16

Homework 14th January

  • Handwriting practice: to be handed in on Monday 18th, please.
  • Science: use the printed sheet and split pins to make an orrery to model the movement of the Earth and Moon. Please bring in for our science lesson on Wednesday 20th.

Independent topic homework

The children have been given a sheet today with ideas for independent homework on our geography topic of ‘Wild Water.’ This is just a starting point of ideas, the children will almost certainly have plenty of their own ideas. Please could they complete ONE activity and bring it in before the last week of term to share with the rest of the class. Their work can come in at any time before then to go on display and of course they are welcome to do more then one activity! The emphasis is on exploring areas of the topic which appeal to the children, being creative and having fun.

Homework 8.1.16

Homework Friday 8th January

  • Handwriting practice sheet – to be handed in on Monday 11th, please.
  • Talk to the adults at home and make a list of any imperial weights and measures that your family uses e.g. inches, feet, ounces, pints. For maths on Tuesday 12th.
  • If possible, bring in containers with a capacity label between 100 millilitres and 2 litres (preferably empty!); can you find any unusual ones e.g. 368ml? For maths on Tuesday 12th.

Half term homework

No homework set for half term – have a good break, everyone!

(Please keep reading and practising your tables and if you’re bored, there’s always independent topic work.)

Homework 16.10.15

Finish writing your Charles Darwin letter and proof-read it carefully. Draw pictures to illustrate it: what do you think Charles Darwin might have drawn on his travels?

To be handed in on Monday 19th October, please.


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