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Music Concert

Today we had the pleasure of singer and musician Iryna Muha and accordionist Volodimir at school for a concert. Iryna introduced the children to two instruments, the kalyuka and the hurgdy-gurdy. The kalyuka is a Ukrainian overtone flute lacking playing holes. Traditionally, kalyukas were made from hollow plant stems. The hurdy-gurdy, is a string instrument that produces sound by a wheel rubbing against its strings. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin.

Voldomir introduced the school to the electric accordion, we were surprised by the array of sounds that he made. The children particularly enjoyed him playing the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean. Iryna & Volodimir played a number of pieces some of which the children joined in with hand percussion and also learning a chorus in Ukrainian.

Thank you again to Sid & Ruth of Surge music who have brought musicians to Clun & the school.

Jenny Jones, illustrator visit to school.

Today the children had the pleasure of Jenny Jones, the Illustrator, leading four workshops in school. She showed the children her published illustrations, and explained the process of going from an initial idea to a published piece of work. Jenny sketched art work in front of the children, and supported them in creating their own pictures. The children had the chance to ask her a variety of questions, they found out her books have been published in many countries and languages, such as in Korean.

Scavenger hunt around St George’s Church

In a previous year at school Class 4 completed a project with Caring for God’s Acre where the children designed and made scavenger hunts for children and families to use around St George’s Church grounds to learn more about the site. Recently classes paired up to take part in this activity: Class 1 & 4 and Class 2 & 3. The children found out about historical aspects of the church grounds, such as the location where archers sharpened their arrows in the civil war and about the meaning behind the Lych gate.

Class 4’s pneumatics project

Today class 4 were introduced to their new DT/Primary Engineering project that has been set by Bishops Castle Community College. The challenge is to design, develop and build a machine which features pneumatic based moving parts. The machine must be designed to help the construction industry in some way. To start our projects, we all had a go at creating our own pneumatic systems, using syringes and tubing. The children looked at the differences between the two different sized syringes and we discussed how these pneumatic systems can be used in their own projects. The teams have started to think about their ideas and the planning process has begun. I cannot wait to see what class 4 come up with after hearing their fantastic ideas!


A play based on The Far Away Tree

A few weeks ago Meredith & Amelie began writing their own play based on the book The Far Away Tree by Enid Blyton. After conversations between a group of friends the idea to put on a play happened. The group (from Class 3 & 4) practiced over playtime and lunch time and made a variety of props over a few weeks. On Wednesday they performed to the whole school. The audience were engaged with a great plot, comedy timing and jokes. They will be performing again on Friday to parents.

Orienteering at Carding Mill Valley with Class 4

Working in teams of ~4 pupils, Class 4 took on the TrustEd orienteering challenge on Tuesday. Each team was given a map of Carding Mill Valley with 12 locations to get to with their electronic dibber.

The children were set off in waves with differing routes to follow (5 variations). We anxiously waited for the teams to return, and the teams arrived back much quicker than expected!

40 teams took part and St George’s placed 1st, 2nd 3rd & 4th!  The 4 teams were well ahead of the 5th place school.

Team Course RaceTime Position
St Georges Team 5 E 00:19:58 1st
St Georges Team 3 D 00:24:35 2nd
St Georges Team 2 C 00:27:31 3rd
St Georges Team 4 A 00:27:57 4th









Our Easter Service

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend St George’s Church on Monday 18th to share in our Easter celebration. Through music, word, art and drama the children explored elements of Holy week.

For Christians, the death and resurrection of Jesus was the final part of God’s plan
Christians believe that, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, a way opened up for us as individuals to have a relationship with God and begin to tackle the wrongs in our world. They believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection makes a difference to both ourselves and society. That’s why Holy Week is so important to Christians. It’s the week when everything changed.

Class 1 Nursery: Five Hot Cross Buns Song

Class 1 Reception: Reflections on the Easter Story

Class 2: Easter Song & Letters to Jesus

Class 3: Display of Art

Class 4: A journey of Hope – The Easter Story.


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