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Earlier in the Month

Earlier in the month Katie Evans, from signing hands, came to school to deliver Makaton story telling workshops to each class.

Class Three took part in a football tournament and Class Four an indoor cricket tournament with local schools, which they thoroughly enjoyed and represented the school brilliantly.

Class Three went on a wonderful trip to see The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe at The Birmingham Rep theatre. They chose the trip after thoroughly enjoying the class novel last year.

Class 4 Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Class 4 for this week;

Set A                                        Set B

niece                                      achieve

siege                                      fierce

field                                        conceit

chief                                       ceiling

fierce                                     deceive

friend                                     perceive

ceiling                                    receipt

deceive                                 deceit

receipt                                  conceive

receive                                 receive





Spellings 26.2.16

Learn your own list of homophones or words that are often confused. Don’t forget that the definitions are just as important to learn as the spellings! Test on Friday 4th March.

Spellings 10.11.15

Silent letters

List 1                                                           List 2                                             List 3

write                                                           builder                                           autumn

wrote                                                          guest                                             bargain

wrong                                                         tongue                                          bruise

answer                                                       bargain                                         environment

hour                                                            bruise                                           government

often                                                          muscle                                           foreign

castle                                                        listen                                                language

listen                                                       whistle                                                queue

build                                                        rhythm                                                  yacht

buy                                                          column                                                 leisure

guess                                                      rhyme                                                  restaurant

guide                                                       autumn                                                 rhythm


Spellings 16.10.15

Focus 5:  ou words

List 1                                  List 2                          List 3 

touch                                  jealous                        marvellous

touched                             nervous                        ridiculous

young                                envious                         vigorous

younger                            marvellous                    industrious

country                             ridiculous                       mysterious

trouble                              tremendous                   previous

double                              furious                            atrocious

couple                              serious                            conscious

bought                              anxious                           precious

brought                            delicious                          spacious

could                               precious                           suspicious

would                             suspicious                        conscientious


Test: Friday 23rd October




Spellings 9.10.15


Focus 4: -ant/-ance endings

List 1                              List 2                                         List 3

dance                               balance                                     nuisance

glance                              entrance                                   ignorance

France                              nuisance                                  attendance

advance                            distance                                  performance

prance                              attendance                              acquaintance

trance                              performance                             appearance

entrance                          substance                                 assistance

balance                          appearance                               extravagance

distant                             distant                                      circumstance

elephant                         elephant                                   elegant

vacant                            elegant                                     sergeant

elegant                           ignorant                                   extravagant



Spellings 2.10.15 -ent/-ence suffixes

-ent/-ence suffixes

List 1                  List 2                       List 3

argument           sentence                    independent

different            difference                     prominent

difference          obedience                   efficient

sentence           experience                  apparent

obedient            intelligence                 parliament

obedience          argument                   announcement

ingredient          different                      accompaniment

experiment        excitement                  convenience

science              magnificent                 experience

experience         ingredient                   conscience

innocent                     obedience

parliament                 intelligence

Test: Friday 9th October

Spellings 25.9.15 -ible/-able suffix

List 1                            List 2                                      List 3

horrible                         incredible                                dependable

sensible                        impossible                               intolerable

terrible                          comfortable                             unbelievable

edible                            sociable                                  unimaginable

visible                           adorable                                   applicable

possible                       changeable                              understandable

valuable                       noticeable                                adjustable

comfortable                  believable                                 admirable


Please use the spelling strategy sheet to help you practise your spellings in different ways.

Test on Friday 2nd October.


Spelling 22.5.15

Words that are often confused.

Group 1: advice, advise, practice, practise, aloud, allowed, heard, herd, past, passed, who’s, whose.

Group 2: device, devise, advice, advise, practice, practise, cereal, serial, aisle, isle, father, farther, affect, effect.

Group 3: licence, license, practice, practise, desert, dessert, stationary, stationery, draft, draught, principle, principal, eliminate, illuminate, eligible, illegible.

Spelling homework 24.04.15

This week I’d like you to learn spellings from our ‘Word of the Day’ list.
Group 1: choose 6 words and learn their spellings and definitions.

Group 2: choose 8 words and learn their spellings and definitions.
Group 3: take all 10 words and learn their spellings and definitions.
Your test will be next Friday (1st May) and I will be checking that you can spell them correctly and give accurate definitions.
Here is the list in case you forget your spelling book:
chronological, language, foreign, environment, government, parliament, temperature, colourful, knight, sacrifice

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