Class Two Curriculum Information

Dear parents,

I thought I would send you a message to let you know that the curriculum information for the Autumn term is on the website. This includes a curriculum overview and separate English and maths plans. Please go to Learning at the top of the home page, click on Curriculum and scroll down to Class Two.

Thank you

Class Two’s Home Learning w/b 1.6.20

Hello Class Two!

I hope you have been enjoying the sun and some time with your family.

Here is your home learning for the week.

English Activities

Reading Comprehension

Roald Dahl Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Click on the differentiated reading comprehension activity all about Roald Dahl. Select the most appropriate text for your child. 1 Star        2 Star       3 Star (most challenging)

Lots of you, I know, know who the Twits are but if you don’t then here is a little information all about them and the Roald Dahl story.

A hideous, vindictive, spiteful couple known as the Twits live together in a brick house without windows. They continuously play nasty practical jokes on each other out of hatred for one another, ranging from Mr. Twit hiding a frog in his wife’s bed that he claims is a monster, to Mrs. Twit tricking her husband into eating worms in his spaghetti. They also keep a family of pet monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps. The Twits, who are retired circus trainers, are trying to create the first upside-down monkey circus, leaving the monkeys to stand on their heads for hours on end. Mr. Twit coats tree limbs with a strong glue Hugtight in hopes of catching birds for Mrs. Twit to make into a bird pie. The monkeys try to warn the birds, but since the monkeys speak in an African language, the English birds cannot understand them, so the poor birds wind up boiling in Mrs. Twit’s pie. One week, the Roly-Poly bird flies in from Africa to visit the monkeys, and acting as an interpreter of languages, keeps the birds from sitting anywhere Mr. Twit has spread glue. Mr. Twit tries several times to catch the birds, spreading the glue on an increasing number of perches, but the Roly-Poly bird changes his warning to reflect the new traps. The Muggle-Wumps, tired of being forced to stand on their heads, with the help of the birds use Mr. Twit’s powerful glue to attach the couple’s furniture to their ceiling while they are away to trick them into thinking that they are upside down and that their ceiling is actually their floor. The birds also smear glue on the Twits’ heads, which permanently fixes them to the ground when a panicked Mr. Twit suggests that they stand on their heads so that they are ‘the right way up’ after they first walk into the upside down living room. Stuck on their heads with all their weight pressing down on them, they catch the ‘Dreaded Shrinks’ (a disease that Mr. Twit had convinced Mrs. Twit that she had earlier in the book as one of the pranks), their bodies compressing ‘downwards’ so that they eventually shrink away into nothing, leaving the Muggle-Wumps free to escape.

Mr Twit’s Beard Differentiated Activity Sheets


Real or nonsense Pirate Phonics – Click on the link below for the activity

Pirates Phase-6 Phonics Mosaic Activity Sheets English

Maths Activities

  • WhiteRose –  Week 6

Year 2

Lesson 1 – The 10 times-table 2019

Lesson 2 – Make equal groups – sharing 2019

Lesson 3 – Make equal groups – grouping 2019

Lesson 4 – Odd and even numbers 2019

Year 3

Lesson 1 worksheet

Lesson 2 – Subtract 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers – no exchange 2019

Lesson 3 – Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number – exchange 2019

Lesson 4 – Estimate answers to calculations 2019

Year 4

Lesson 1 – Add 2 or more fractions 2019

Lesson 2 – Subtract 2 fractions 2019

Lesson 3 – Fractions of a quantity 2019

Lesson 4 – Calculate quantities 2019

Extra Maths Activities

Free Maths Games Online 

Hit the Button

Moggle – How many ways can you make 24 using different number sentences?

Time yourself ( maybe 1 minute or 2 minutes)

Have a go the next day and see if you got any more number sentences in that time compared to the previous day.

You can even play against someone in your family.

Roll 3 times and make 100 – One of your dice is the tens number and the other is the ones number. Play against someone to get the nearest to 100.

Bean Bag Addition

If you don’t have bean bags, why not use a sock or stone?

Shape Den

How many shapes can you see in this structure?

Name the different shapes you can see.

Have a go at creating your own shape structure.

Science / Forest School

Amazing Grazing!

This week you are going to be learning all about grass. You might think of grass as just lawns, but grass is so much more! From feeding the world’s people and animals to building structures to becoming grass skirts in the Pacific islands. Grass is everywhere so it is important to learn more about it. This week you will learn more about the purposes of grass, learn how to grow it and create some grass art.

Art – Grass Bashing

How to Grow Grass Pet

Click here 

The Purposes of Grass

Read this 10 Things Made from Grasses text. Does anything surprise you?

So when you are out and about have a look for the different types of grasses!


Here is some interesting information all about Lawn Mowers. Have a read. If you have a lawn mower in your garden shed, why not see if you can identify any of the parts from the diagram.

Story Time with Miss Preece

On Monday, I will be uploading a video of myself reading a story for you to watch and enjoy. You may even get a sneaky peak of my tortoise Angus and my two cats Morris and Nala.

Viral_Teaching – Click here to go to the channel and find the most recent story

Have a lovely week Class Two.

All the best!

Miss Preece