Our curriculum

We want our children to be inquisitive, determined learners who work hard to achieve their very best. Our curriculum is being developed with our children at its’ heart. We aim to develop learning which captures children’s interests and leads to outcomes which make a difference.

For further details of each classes curriculum plans, please see below for year and term overview plans as well as information on each individual classes page.

Year Group Planning


Class 1

Class One Theme Plan Spring 2021

Class One Cultural capital Spring 2021

Spring-2021-Curriculum-Summary-Class-One (1)



Year One Maths Spring Term 2020

Class One Curriculum Summary Spring 2020

Class One English Spring Term 2020

Foundation Stage Spring Term 2020

Letters and Sounds progression chart

Class 2

ST.G Theme Plan Class 2

ST.G Cultural capital Class 2

Class 2 Curriculum Autumn Term

Class 2 English Autumn Term

Class 2 Mathematics Autumn Term

Class 3

long term overview Class 3 2020

ST.G Theme Plan Survival Class 3 Spring

ST.G Cultural capital Survival Class 3 Spring

2021 Class 3 Literacy Spring Term

2021 Class 3 Maths Spring Term

2020 Class 3 Maths Autumn Term

2020 Class 3 Literacy Autumn Term

Class 3 Autumn Term 2020 Curriculum Overview

George and the Dragon