Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership & Courageous Advocacy – Enriching Our Curriculum

Creating life-long learners who thrive in our care.

‘The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.’ Poverbs 19:8

We believe that children should have the opportunity to be responsible citizens and understand their impact on the world around them, both local and worldwide. All children have the opportunity during their time at school to be an active part of groups and teams to develop and apply these skills. Children are elected by their classmates to the following roles: School Council, Eco Warrior, House Captain, Sports Leader, Playground Pal, Digital Leader and Librarian. Each week we also have a whole school pupil collective worship which is planned and delivered by groups of children. The children have also led on a number of pupil led projects at school, demonstrating courageous advocacy, such as creating a reflective space in school, launching a walking bus or raising the profile of a charity.

Pupil Led Collective Worship

Every Wednesday it is the turn of the children to lead a collective worship. The children choose a topic linked to our vision themes of courage, ambition and kindness.

Pupil Led Collective Worship

Courageous Advocacy: Pupil Led Projects

Becoming a courageous advocate for change, must involve being informed about an issue and it must move beyond simply knowing, to saying and doing. Here are some of the ways the children shown it and continue to show it.

The pupils raised the need for a quiet reflective space to use a lunch time and playtime. The pupils designed the area, wrote the to PTA and a local company for a grant to fund the area, and then worked as team to transform the space.


Pupils wanted to raise awareness of Down Syndrome and so organised an odd socks day to teach the school about the 3rd chromosome and celebrate uniqueness.

Odd socks day to talk about down syndrome.

The school council raised the issue of pollution, safety and parking at home time. This led to the trial of a walking bus.

The children created posters to raise awareness of the Clun Good Neighbours Scheme in Clun to allow people to find the support they may need.

Children taking part at a weekend ‘Clun in The Future’ event to raise awareness of our impact on our environment.

A pupil created a fundraiser to raise funds for families displaced by the war in Ukraine by selling sunflowers.

After the wildfires in Australia, pupils organised a bake sale to raise money to send to wildlife charities to protect the koala bears that had been hurt..

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors is an elected group who have worked on projects chosen by the children to successfully achieve the accreditation of Green Flag status. They have created an action plan and are thinking of new ways the school can be more sustainable.

The Eco Warriors planting seeds on our front garden as part of the Shropshire Verges Project.

School Council

We have a very active School Council, elected each year from children in Reception to Year 6, with one boy and one girl elected from each year group. The School Council meets regularly to hold charity fundraising events. This year the school council will be working with Safer Schools to develop our school and achieve our accreditation.

Th school council delivering our harvest donations to the food bank.

Sport Leaders

This year sports leaders have worked with our sports coach to audit our play time and PE resources they have since led assemblies and support other children in games to play at lunch and playtime. We have children who are also Bronze Sports Ambassadors who had lead in school and multi school sports events.

Play leader training