Regular and punctual attendance is encouraged so that children gain fully from all the educational opportunities available to them at St George’s School. Once a pattern of good attendance is made it should stay with them throughout their school life and beyond.
1) Holidays
As of 1st September 2013, the option for Headteachers to grant leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time has been removed. Headteachers are now only allowed to authorise any leave of absence when an application has been made in advance and it is felt to be for an exceptional circumstance; an annual family holiday is not deemed an exceptional circumstance neither are cost or convenience.
Advice from Shropshire Council’s Education Access Team is that “exceptional circumstances” include circumstances where:
• It is unlikely that the event will occur again in a child’s school life
• It is necessary for the child to be in attendance at the event
• The event cannot be organised outside of the school term
• The event is necessary to the health and wellbeing of the child
• Taking part in the event will be of greater educational value to the child than attending school
Holidays which are taken without authorization may be subject to a warning and/or fine by the Education Welfare Office, and will be marked as such on your child’s registration certificate.
2) Sickness – the office should be contacted when a child is first unwell (preferably between 8.30 am and 9.30 am). If school is not informed by 9.30 the office will telephone parents to ask for the reason for the absence.
3) Medical Appointments – routine medical/dental appointments should be made after school or during holidays whenever possible.
The Educational Welfare Officer monitors attendance each term, and keeps a record of children whose attendance falls below 85% or who have an absence for one week in three. The school will work with parents to ensure attendance matters are addressed.
4) Punctuality – the school registers close at 9.00. If a child is persistently late the Headteacher will be notified who will then discuss any problems with the parent. Our school Education Welfare Officer can also support the family where help is needed.