Internet Safety

Rules for Safe Use of the Internet.

  1. A list of agreed rules will be displayed in appropriate locations around the school and a copy given to each member of staff.
  2. These rules will be shared with pupils to ensure they understand the importance of these rules.
  3. Should any pupil not keep to these rules, their access to and use of the Internet will be restricted.
  4. Staff will teach the children how to use these rules through QCA units of work and supporting software.
  5. Pupils and staff will report any material they consider offensive to the ICT co-ordinator or Headteacher. The safety filter (operated by Shropshire Council) will then be adjusted accordingly.
  6. Pupils in Key Stage One will be given access to specific websites only.
  7. Pupils in Key Stage Two will conduct focussed searches using safe search engines.
  8. All children will be supervised by an adult when using the Internet.
  9. Any email correspondence that the children are engaged in will be prearranged by the class teacher. The school will use a secure Email system.
  10. Pupils may not access personal email addresses from the school system.

The ICT co-ordinator and technician will ensure that adequate virus protection is in place throughout the school site.