Physical Education Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Officer has explicitly advised all schools that –

  1. a) ―The wearing of jewellery in PE, which includes the wearing of chains, watches, rings, earrings and necklaces is prohibited on grounds of safety.
  2. b) ―The only exception is in the case of recently pierced ears. In this case a stud earring can be worn provided the earring is completely covered (A plaster or similar being acceptable). The ear should have healed within about six weeks and after this time the earring must be removed. I trust that the above does clarify the position in this respect and would confirm that where pupils do not remove jewellery they are not allowed to take part in the activity.

Parents can best support their children and school by keeping to these school guidelines.

1) Studs are not worn on the days when children have PE, games, swimming or take part in a sporting extra-curricular activity.

2) Ensuring that children are able to insert and remove studs by themselves. School staff is not allowed to do this for the children.

Additionally the school cannot accept any liability for any lost jewellery – our advice is that jewellery of any sort is not worn in school.