Orienteering at Carding Mill Valley with Class 4

Working in teams of ~4 pupils, Class 4 took on the TrustEd orienteering challenge on Tuesday. Each team was given a map of Carding Mill Valley with 12 locations to get to with their electronic dibber.

The children were set off in waves with differing routes to follow (5 variations). We anxiously waited for the teams to return, and the teams arrived back much quicker than expected!

40 teams took part and St George’s placed 1st, 2nd 3rd & 4th!  The 4 teams were well ahead of the 5th place school.

Team Course RaceTime Position
St Georges Team 5 E 00:19:58 1st
St Georges Team 3 D 00:24:35 2nd
St Georges Team 2 C 00:27:31 3rd
St Georges Team 4 A 00:27:57 4th